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GROX is one of The Galactic Garden's highly revered Gatekeepers.

Being a portal to adventures of the higher worlds he lead us into exploring new depths of our creativity and inner spheres of existence, opening up channels of divine inspiration and guides us to connect deeper with our own inner world. 
He anchor energies of the higher heart into the environment he enlivens. 


€ 1,111.00

TO REQUEST: fill in the form here and type  GROX in the description box and I will get back to you.

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GROX is a unique wall-hanging talisman that have been channelled through as an activator of creativity and soul expansion anchoring energies of the Higher Heart into the home or environment where he nests.

The codes surrounding his body are specifically connected to his essence and support in the anchoring of the energies into the environment.  GROX aids in the process of unfolding and exploring the Soul Expression through creativity of the individuals that are connecting with him.

SIZE: 45 cm ⌀ 
Depht: 15 cm



All my talismans are non-refundable and I do not accept returns. I trust that the ones who feel called to connect with and invite these galactic beings into your home does so from a place of deep recognition in your heart. They come to you with a great gift and are all individual and unique in their essence and never replicated. 

Please only move forward if you resonate with this



Payment can be made via PayPal or

Wise Transfer.


Europe: €40
All other countries: €55

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