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To my little online portal that I have worked so diligently to form into a representation of my inner being. Giving zest, life and color to a digital blopp on a screen is quite a job, but I do enjoy diving into everything that allows me to express myself creatively and give life to what lives inside of me. 

Describing myself is an interesting world of thought to tap into as the voices of importance inside me seems to change as I do. I have been wanting to detach myself from labels as best as I can during the past year as I see how easily it can place us into a box of "This is who and what I am" defined as - which can prevent us from experiencing ourselves more fully. In reality we are all infinite worlds of creative potential which have the possibility of becoming what we desire - through devotion, will and creative action. When I keep my ideas and beliefs of who I am open to exploration without clear definition - I am opening up to a vast sphere of learning and creative expansion.

Scroll down to read about my journey!


I have chosen to walk a path of Truth since 10 years ago. This decision was made after living most of my life lying and denying my true self - what I was feeling, thinking, and desiring deep within. As most of us have felt throughout some part of our life I believed I would not be accepted and loved if I was honest with myself and others. This in turn resulted in me having a late childhood/early adulthood filled with unhealthy relationships and traumatic experiences. In my early 20's I made a decision to make a change and it initiated a long journey of awakenings and deep healing. This is a journey that have challenged me to grow immensely! It is constantly asking me to look deep within myself and meet what is presenting itself through humble eyes and a desire to understand the inner depths of existence. I seek to deepen my connection with my Soul and the journey of life through cultivating a relationship with Nature and the great Spirit. I am always learning and growing.


Choosing truth means that I am devoted to deconstruct every pattern, belief and illusion that is separtaing me from the eternal light of oneness and that I strive to experience myself and this life consciously connected to that source. Truth can only be fully known from within - I see the importance of actively engaging with and attentively listening to the inner world and diving into all layers of my inner being to understand myself in this world. The path of truth acknowledges the teachings of darkness and light, which is the reality of the Earth experience that we are incarnated into. As within so without, As above so below. I strive to align with the harmonizing impulse within my inner being - the  Christ/Sophia essence. 

I study nature and have intimate relationships with plant and nature spirits. I call my endeavours with the plants for Plant Mysticism - as they have become my allies and teachers guiding me on journeys through the inner worlds where they support me in my healing work and integration of my soul layers. I have been working with sacred plant teachers for around 10 years and more devotedly started co-creating with nature and the soul of Gaia for the past 3 years. My relationship with plants, the land, and nature is the most sacred to me and tended to with great care and heart. All relationships are sacred yet my life revolves the most around nature as I spend most of my time in solitude with her to bring out the essence of my heart and the creations that she is asking me to share with the world.

My main plant ally that is one of my greatest teachers is Mugwort/Artemisia. But I also have close relationships and work with: Ceiba, Oak, Tobacco, White Lotus, St Johns Wort, Pine & Forget Me Not. I am a devotee of Nature which includes all kingdoms - Animal, Plant, Mineral and the Elements - which I study and learn from.

I have been a student of Anthroposophy and Spiritual Science for 4 years and see this as an important study to deepen my understanding of the origin, history and evolution of The Earth and The Human being - from a metaphysical, mystical and alchemical perspective. 


 WaY Of TeaChiNg


& giving life to it through the creative channels



Is a way to explore and communicate with your inner worlds. Through letting the moment guide your creative choices you can recieve messages from your soul and the inner worlds.

During my years of self-exploration one of my greatest teachers - along with nature - have been my creativity. It is a tool of great significance and a gift we are all born with. Everyone is creative and we can all use it to explore the inner worlds and develop a connection with the divine in our heart. We all have a unique soul essence and divine signature that can only be discovered and expressed individually - through deep inner listening, learning and creative action.

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