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Explorer of Mysteries 

Pillar of Truth
Intuitive Creator 

Plant Whisperer
Energetic Synthesis


Higher Heart Activation

The Mother Arc
Blue Flame

Keeper of Earth

Mother of Spirit Beings

And so the journey continues..

Throughout these past ten years of unravelling and exploring my inner world I have transformed and rebirthed myself many times. This mystery of life keeps showing me new faces and dimensions of existence through each initiation that have been unfolding during these years of personal growth and healing. 

My devotion to know my Truth has been the key intention which magically manifests as experiences and opportunities leading to deeper contact with my core Soul and our dear Mother Planet Earth. 


My belief is that the deeper we go to meet ourselves, all layers of our being - dark and light - the deeper we will know this life and the more connected and supported we will be to walk a path that serves the growth and healing of all.


Through the awareness that knowing my truth is what will set me free and allow me to heal that which is in the shadow I choose to embody the essence of my heart seed and share it freely with the world.



My focus is many-fold. I am a Master Creator at heart and give life to forces of growth and heart expansion through my art. Everything I give birth to comes through the seed of my heart, intentionally weaved into its form in deep communion with the Keepers of Life & The Threefold Founder Flame. 

I create with my hands and my voice, my mind and my heart, my spirit and my soul. Through the portal of intuitive creativity I connect with my family of The Galactic Garden and open up for the energetic extensions of my Monad to anchor into the earth.

I work intimately with nature as my Sacred Partner and have a team of plant allies with me that are living inside of me and whom support and work with me in realizing my vision and mission in this life. We are co-creating a new world together. 

I am also guiding and holding plant medicine ceremonies together with my team and are passionate about inner transformational work which takes us deep into the heart complex so that the fullness of soul can be experienced and integrated. As a  gatekeeper and channel of the plants and beings of nature, I am honoured to be a student of their wisdom and share our combined essences as medicine with the world.


From my early childhood up until the beginning of my 20's I lived deeply disconnected from my heart and emotional body. Most of my relationships with friends, family and partners at the time were very unhealthy and I experienced a huge lack of trust and safety which was creating many wounds that manifested itself in all kinds of fears and blocks. I subconsciously felt judged by my environment and relations at the time and believed that I had to be someone else to be accepted and loved. A story that many of us have, right? 

I was lying a lot growing up as a result of not feeling accepted and was terrified of showing my true self. I was so disconnected from my emotions that it was impossible for me to communicate my needs or express how I was feeling. This repression of my truth resulted in major blocks around my throat and other vital energy centres in my body, negative thought patterns, fears, physical disease and choosing to be in relationships and having experiences that generated trauma instead of healing.

In my early 20's I had an awakening that came through the activation of my creativity. I started exploring my inner world through intuitive creativity and this connection has since then been one of my greatest healer, teacher and the door opener to my inner world, which still today keeps revealing layers of my own truth and essence.

Short after my creativity opened up I started exploring plant medicine which has been a journey of deep transformation & inner metamorphosis that slowly prepared me for where I am today. My greatest initiation took place in 2020 where I spent a year and a half living in solitude in the forest of my homeland in Southern Sweden. The forest became my teacher and 3 special plants - Myosotis Sylvatica, Oak & Mugwort - opened me up to connect to aspects of my Soul that have helped me remember my truth, heal and expand within my creativity. My connection and relationship with the plants and trees activated memories and processes inside me which allowed me to tap into wisdom of my heart and showed me how I can work with nature to connect deeper to my truth and through that assist others in opening up to working with nature in this way.


After this year and a half I was called to the Amazon to further my studies with medicines of the jungle and spent 3 months mostly isolated working with Ayahuasca and Tobaco in Bolivia. 

Today my strongest allyships are with non-psychoactive plants and I have been gifted to bare and share their medicine in ceremony and through my creative channels. Click here to read more about how I work with my plant allies

My journey has been all about finding my way, my truth, my essence and developing, growing and healing through awakening the evolutionary force of the christ consciousness within. Personal soverignty and expression of the individual essence through the heart seed is two important embodiments that I value, for myself and others. I believe our world is in deep need of us living through the heart in union with nature and that is what I wish to support through my offerings and creations.

Remembering our own truth is a long process and a deep inner transformational journey where we peel off the layers of trauma, fears & programming to meet with the core essence of our spirit which guides us to experience and live this life through the heart. To remember our truth we have to heal and connect with our heart, and through that connection, in full trust of the power of love that we are, we can meet and transform our deepest darkest shadows. 

I will always be a curious child and meet this world through the heart and eyes of that essence. Staying open and humble to the knowing that there is always more to learn and that we all hold our own keys of wisdom that we can share with each other for the betterment of this world.

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