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Explorer of Mysteries 

Pillar of Truth
Intuitive Creator 

Plant Whisperer
Energetic Synthesis

Higher Heart Activation

The Mother Arc
Blue Flame

Keeper of Earth

Mother of Spirit Beings


My focus is many-fold. I am a Master Creator at heart and give life to forces of growth and heart expansion through my art. Everything I give birth to comes through the seed of my heart, intentionally weaved into its form in deep communion with the Keepers of Life & The Threefold Founder Flame. 

I work intimately with nature as my Sacred Partner and have a devoted team of plant allies by my side who are my great teachers and whom work with me in realizing my vision and mission in this life.  

I am also guiding and holding plant medicine ceremonies together with my team and are passionate about inner transformational work which takes us deep into the heart complex so that the fullness of soul can be experienced and integrated. As a  gatekeeper and channel of the plants and beings of nature, I am honoured to be a student of their wisdom and share our combined essences as medicine with the world.


I have devoted a large part of my life to explorations of the inner worlds and have during this time been led by my curiosity, creativity and intuition to find deeper and higher aspects of myself hidden in the mysteries of existence through the mirror of nature combined with the study of Esoteric/Spiritual Science.

One of my greatest heart-desires is to know myself as my truest expression, which means that I am fully devoted to my own inner transformation, purification and healing so that I can experience this life as my highest potential and support others in the journey of unfoldment and remembering. This is the primary work that I do with the plants, on a personal level, but it is also how we co-create together. The energetic spaces, musical vortexes and creative expressions I weave together with my plant allies serve as a direct portal of activation to the deeply healing and evolutionary potential that resides within the heart.


I have chosen to live in solitude for the past three years to deepen my relationship with Mother Earth and my homeland Sweden. During this time I have had the honour of re-connecting and journeying with a family of Master Plants and Tree Guardians of the land whom have become my allies and great teachers. 


I started exploring my relationships with sacred plant teachers more than 10 years ago and have during these years gradually opened up to a whole new way of journeying through this mystery of life accompanied by the spirits of the plants.


When I started journeying with the plants of my homeland in 2020, I lived in the forest of Southern Sweden and was called by the spirit of the forest to initiate ceremonial journeys with specific plants that could support me in my healing and awakening. (My main guides were at that time Oak, Mugwort & Myosotis Sylvatica). Each plant gave me a great gift: a key to unlock a door inside of myself where I was invited to adventure through the parts of my inner being that were in need of healing or that could teach me about my current phase of being. This ultimately led to discoveries of Soul and activation of my Heart Seed.




I am devoted to my path as an Earth Keeper and a student of the Plants. By passing on the sacred medicine, teachings and essences of Mother Earth and the magical beings of Nature through our co-creative relationships, me and my allies wish to inspire, guide & support our fellow brothers and sister across the globe in the initiation stages as you step into a new way of working with plants, yourself and the spirits of the land to restore inner and outer balance. 


I see plants as Keys to The Inner Mysteries. Each one having their own teachings, essence and quests that we can embark on to learn more about our own existence in this world and how we can heal, harmonize, grow and make space for higher truths, expression and creativity to stream through our being.

I have been, and still am, in deep communion with my allies through devoted and extended diets and ceremonies which are weaved with intentions to learn about their archetypal energies, medicinal nature and how it can be worked with on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level as we heal and come back to our hearts. My plant relationships are very intimate and they are with me on a daily basis, much like you can think of as your guardian angels and spirit guides are. 

With great reverence and love for nature, the Earth being and all her children - Together with our Cosmic Parents I stand in the Truth Vibration and pray for the Cosmic Heartbeat to awaken the Seed of Humanity to the Truth of our nature. May healing, forgiveness and acceptance beam into all.

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