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1:1 sessions
& ceremonies


This offering is intended to serve as a healing space and activation portal for the ones who want to receive more individually focused support and experience a solo plant medicine ceremony guided by me and my plant allies.

A solo ceremony is weaved for You specifically and the journey will be held with heart focused intentions to support your healing and inner unfoldment in a safe, warm and creative environment which allow you to dive deep into your inner spheres protected, supported and guided by the plants.


I will be working with my allies through songs and shamanic tools to guide the  journey and hold space for the healing and activations that are in the highest alignment for your present development to be integrated into your heart complex.

A journey like this can be deeply transformative and help you release stagnant emotions, old pain, fears and limiting beliefs which creates space for more loving energies to live inside you. It can show you your inner light and lead you to know yourself on a much deeper level that will assist you in making choices and changes necessary to further improve your life circumstances and overall health. 

1:1 Medicine Retreat

This retreat is 4 or 6 days long. If you are flying in to Sweden form outside of Europe it is recommended that we go for 6 days - this allows for your body to have an extra day to settle in when you arrive and one day to integrate before flying back home or continuing your journey.

The Retreat Includes
  • Preparation calls and guidance on how to set your inner space before arrival

  • Intention setting & dream weaving

  • If interested: Initiation into working with plants as allies - suggestions on how to deepen connections that you may already have with plants

  • Shamanic body work & medicine songs to support your inner process & healing

  • Mugwort Smoke Ritual for cleansing the energy body, harmonizing the nervous system & assist in strenghtening your connection to the wisdom of your intuition

  • Mugwort Dream Tea before bed every night accompanied by energetic point activation

  • Daily connection & integration talks where we dive into the past which is relevant to the present to unlock hidden layers that may request healing or letting go

  • Forest walks - how to get to know the land

  • Tapping into your inner hidden magic and the unique gifts within your soul

  • Offerings & working with altars as sacred portals

  • 6 hour Sacred Medicine Ceremony

  • All vegetarian & organic wholesome home-cooked meals to support the healing

  • Your own healing space for integration in solitude & deep rest

  • Follow up calls after a week-month to assist you in your process of unfolding.

This offering is a devotional act from my heart and it is requested of you to be devoted to your own healing and inner work when you choose to dive into this. I only wish to work with individuals who want to awaken the medicine within themselves and eventually utilize that as a foundation to create something of value and meaning in the world. 


I prefer to do this kind of work in intimate settings as the healing and openings I can support in activating becomes clearer and more potent for the receiver when everything is focused and weaved for them specifically. The level of safety and attention the soul receives determines the level of healing it can process, open up to and integrate.

During our days together I will tend to your heart and listen to what it is asking for to unfold to the magic that resides within its depths.


This is not an ordinary plant medicine retreat. It is an initiation into a deeper connection with your soul and the unique medicine that you carry within your heart. It is an experience that will deepen your roots to the Earth and your connection with nature that are opened up in a practical way which you can continue working with as you return to your homeland. 

It is important that we both feel aligned to working together so I will be asking to connect with you through a phone call after I have received your request if there is resonance and space available at the time. During the call we will chat about your current state of being, any past or present life-events that may be weighing you down, if you have any previous experiences of journeying with plants, and how I best can support you where You are right now.

I am located in Sweden but also open to travel to another destination and facilitate if it feels right and all expenses are covered by the initiator.

Please send me an email with your request to


4 days 3 nights - 1950 EUR
6 days 5 nights -  2500 EUR

I open up for new bookings in February 2024.

After sending through a fully filled in application I will get back to you in the following days. 

I am looking forward to hear from you!


Please fill in your details and respond to all questions below in your application

Thanks for submitting!

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