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These offerings are for you who want to open up and strengthen the channels to your own inner guidance and heart seed expression.​ You know deep in your heart that there is wisdom and Truth in the processes of nature and you are curious about how to establish your own connection to the spirit that lives in the elements of life to better understand and connect to your purpose in this world. 

You may already be well on your journey of self-discovery and healing or you might just be opening up to exploring yourself anew - either way - you are welcome here! Everybody can do this kind of work and connect to the Heart Intelligence through devotional and explorative practices which naturally develops the intuition and your creativity. By cultivating a loving teacher-student-partner relationship with nature, we open up to journey into an exciting adventure which leads to unfolding truths, better self-knowing & deeper self-love that gradually ripples out into the world as the sacred gift we all are when embodied in our true essence.

If you want to explore your inner world, activate and expand your creative potential, and open up to the magic realms of plant and nature spirits, then this might be The Adventure for you!



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Plant Immersions

During a Plant Immersion you are initiated into working with plants as guides and allies to awaken and integrate the wisdom of your own unique heart codes. By establishing intimate relationships with plants and journey with them in this way we may embark on a great adventure that leads to deeper knowing of our inner self, our higher self and the spirits of Nature which gifts us the elements of Life. This is a journey of healing that connects us to the roots and core of our existence and supports us in the cultivation and expansion of the Organic Heart's Technology. 

The ceremonies and journeys offered are guided by me (Jennifer Gwairoch) and my plant allies. We will together take you through foundational steps, practices, experiences and methods of working and connecting with plants and nature spirits to assist you in your inner expansion and healing processes. This is offered in a way that will invite you to be an active participant and learn how you can integrate new ways of exploring your inner world and creativity through deep communion with Mother Earth as your main Teacher. 


My intention is to create a fun, safe, inspiring and healing space for you to unfold your heart's essence and connect to the wisdom of your Soul through deep listening and communion with Mother Earth, the Elements of Life and the multidimensional medicine of Plant Spirits. You will receive individual support & guidance during the immersions and each participant will be initiated into the dream and medicine of the plant that we are working with through ceremony, songs, meditative practices, shamanic tools, and creative impulses. 

The immersions focuses on plants that grows in the Northern Hemisphere and specifically on the land where we host the retreats so you will have access and be invited to commune with the plant in its natural habitat during the immersion which elevates and strengthen your connection further. I only offer ceremonies with plants that I have journeyed with myself and have a close relationship with.  Click here to read more about how I work with my plant allies

Each journey is different and the activities offered will be aligned to the medicine and energetics of the plant that we are working with and the season that we are in. 

After the immersion you will leave with ideas and inspiration of how you can further initiate close partnerships with plants where you live that may lead to continuous inner transformation, healing and awakening to the great mysteries of this life


By cultivating a devoted relationship with nature we set a foundation for us coming back to living a life in harmony with the ecosystem and elements that makes our existence possible. The spirits of nature are all around us ready and willing to assist us in the process of coming home. 


You don't have to be an herbalist or know everything about nature to do this work and have partnerships with plants. As we open up to learn from these teachers they will lead us to the information that is necessary for our own growth, healing and remembrance. 

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Thanks for subscribing!



I have chosen to live in solitude for the past three years to deepen my relationship with Mother Earth and my homeland Sweden. During this time I have had the honour of re-connecting and journeying with a family of Master Plants and Tree Guardians of the land whom have become my allies and great teachers. 


I started exploring my relationships with sacred plant teachers more than 10 years ago and have during these years gradually opened up to a whole new way of journeying through life accompanied and inspired by the spirits of the nature.


When I started journeying with the plants of my homeland in 2020, I lived in the forest of Southern Sweden and was guided by spirit to initiate ceremonial journeys with the plants that were calling me. Each plant gave me a great gift: a key to unlock a door inside of myself where I was invited to adventure through the parts of my inner being that were in need of healing or that could teach me about my current phase of being.


The most beautiful part of doing this kind of work with plants is that when we start working with nature something deeply magical happens in our soul which activates a Remembrance of a Truth that is deeply embedded and recorded in our hearts, and this will keep revealing itself and support us as we grow and evolve.

My journey with the plants have opened me up to learn about myself and understand deeper layers of my own truth, they beautifully support the inner processes of deep natural healing which penetrates into ancestral and the core of ones being, and they inspire the Great Mystery to be expressed and explored through the creative channels. 


I am devoted to my path as an Earth Keeper and a student of the Plants. By passing on the sacred medicine, teachings and essences of Mother Earth and the magical beings of Nature through our co-creative relationships, me and my allies wish to inspire, guide & support our fellow brothers and sister across the globe in the initiation stages as you step into a new way of working with plants, yourself and the spirits of the land to restore inner and outer balance. 


I see plants as Keys to The Inner Mysteries. Each one having their own teachings, essence and quests that we can embark on to learn more about our own existence in this world and how we can heal, harmonize, grow and make space for higher truths, expression and creativity to stream through our being.

I have been, and still am, in deep communion with my allies through devoted and extended diets and ceremonies which are weaved with intentions to learn about their archetypal energies, medicinal nature and how it can be worked with on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level as we heal and come back to our hearts. My plant relationships are very intimate and they are with me on a daily basis, much like you can think of as your guardian angels and spirit guides are.  

I have received their blessings and support to guide transformational work, healing and medicine ceremonies in which I use my voice, the songs of the plants, their remedies, and my intuitive channels as a guide. My voice is one of my main medicine tools and channels where nature spirits and beings that are a part of my Soul Matrix comes through.




1:1 sessions
& ceremonies

This offering is intended to serve as a healing space and activation portal for the ones who want to receive more individually focused support and experience a solo plant medicine ceremony guided by me and my plant allies.

A solo ceremony is weaved for You specifically and the journey will be held with heart focused intentions to support your healing and inner unfoldment in a safe, warm and creative environment which allow you to dive deep into your inner spheres protected, supported and guided by the plants.


I will be working with my allies through songs and shamanic tools to guide the  journey and hold space for the healing and activations that are in the highest alignment for your present development to be integrated into your heart complex.

A journey like this can be deeply transformative and help you release stagnant emotions, old pain, fears and limiting beliefs which creates space for more loving energies to live inside you. It can show you your inner light and lead you to know yourself on a much deeper level that will assist you in making choices and changes necessary to further improve your life circumstances and overall health. 

1:1 sessions & ceremonies



  •  Lunch

  •  Forest walk & connection talk 

  •  4-6 hour plant ceremony

  •  Overnight stay in your own room

  •  Breakfast & integration talk in the morning

  •  A guide on how to work with plants for self-discovery & healing

  •  1 Follow up connection call after a month

I am located in Sweden but also open to travel to another destination and facilitate if it feels right and all expenses are covered by the initiator.

Please send me an email with your request to

It is important that we both feel aligned to working together so I will be asking to connect with you through a phone call after I have received your request. During the call we will chat about your current state of being, any past or present life-events that may be weighing you down, if you have any previous experiences of journeying with plants, and how I best can support you where You are right now.

I am not open for bookings at the moment,
but please send me a request and I will let you know when this offering becomes available again.


Thank you! We'll be in touch.

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