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You are invited to step into an intimate connection with me and my world of creative explorations and mystical journeys. You will get access to exclusive content only shared here: videos, photos, practices, writings - all personal, raw and inspiring musings from my heart.

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The Premium Mempership gives you access to The Inner Garden Adventure! It is a yearly adventure through the Four Seasons which invites you to explore new dimensions of life to deepen your roots and strengthen your connection with the earth, the body & the soul. 

Join me for this transformational journey together with the Spirits of Nature where we align with the natural forces and order to create positive changes and openings in our life!


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Regular Membership is for anyone who want to pop in every now and then to be a part of the tribe and follow my personal journey. Mostly for fun and inspiration.

This subscription gives you access to my exclusive content only shared here: blogg, personal musings & weekly Q&A's

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A LetteR of

IntentioN & inVitatiON

I have for a long time now felt called to create a new platform for my intimate musings to be shared. I want to get more personal, vulnerable and raw. My heart is yearning for a different kind of connection with the individuals that feel resonant and inspired by my creations which Instagram (the only platform I have been active on) cannot provide.  My inner being is asking me to expand and share more about the journey of my life in a place where I feel free to go as deep as I'd like and bring out the golden nuggets of the bubbling mystical world that lives inside of me - with the hope that someone out there will find meaning and inspiration through it.


I have a feeling that the way I live and I how I learn from the challenges, mysteries, revelations and seasons of life may open up another heart to connect to a world of magic that lives within them as well. I know from my own experience that the road to a magical life imbued with deep meaning, spiritual significance and soul integration is one of the greatest most fulfilling journeys one could choose, but it also comes with its challenges - which is what makes life dauntingly exciting and triggers us to grow. Sometimes we move through murky waters and other times we are riding the heavenly waves. There are many layers of deprogramming and healing that we will be invited to pass through along the way.

Connecting with another devoted aspirant's journey can prove to be so valuable and helpful in understanding ourselves and may enrich us with new insightful perspectives, ideas or thoughtforms to explore. I wish not only to inspire you to seek deeper layers of truth within yourself and through the mirror of nature - but to invite you to be apart of the creation of a little community that I wish over time will grow into a seed of hope and beauty for the world as a whole.

I see a community of individuals across the globe who are themselves searching for deeper meaning in life. Who are on a path of self-mastery and explorations of the Great Mystery. Who knows somewhere deep inside that they, as a soul, are here to transform and grow their inner being through the human form. There is more than curiosity in the hearts of these souls - they seek to know the world and themselves from a wholesome place which combines studying the fundamental nature of material reality as well as the mystical and esoteric side of life which extends beyond the physical sense perceptions. The seeking comes from a place of heart and soul - knowing that higher truths are to be used and integrated into life as a catalyst for positive reform and evolution - harmonizing, beautifying and honouring the sacredness of life.

Are you feeling called to join us on this adventure?

Let's open the doors to the magic within!


 What YouR MemberShiP


My personal memoires
Exclusively & only shared here

This is a place for unfiltered truth. I will invite you to tune into the story of my life and take you down the rabbit hole where we contemplate, reflect and talk about the deep stuff. This will involve inner processes and transitory phases of life that we all are invited to pass through when we walk a path of Truth.

Unpeeling the layers of who we think we are to see what we actually are - and then choose who we want to be.


I will share about my own journey of learning and getting to know my inner world through my creative channels, by studying the processes of nature & plant medicine, and by uncovering the great mystery of life through the lens of Anthroposphy & Spiritual Science. We will go deep down into the mysteries, but we will also fly high and be real my friends! I have a lot of adventures awaiting us!


Meditations, Music & Practices 
for soul integration & exploration

Develop your Intuition & Creative Center

As we deepen our journey together I will share inspiring creative techniques and ideas, meditative sound journeys & somatic practices with you that you can explore yourself to dive into your inner world and explore your personal themes of growth and the inner reflection of natures seasonal transits that we are journeying through.


Everything related to
Plant Mysticism 

Sacred Plant Teachers & Allies

I will share about my relationships I have with plant and nature spirits. How they teach me and how they guide me to work with them. You will  get inspired and be invited to explore and expand your own connections with plants that are close to your home and establish a relationships with the land and nature beings there. This is a relationship that will change your life completely when you honour and nurture it.



  • How to call in and connect with plant allies 

  • Preparing & setting space for ceremony 

  • How to journey with plants ceremonially

  • How to build & work with altars as sacred portals

  • How to make earth offerings

  • How to harvest plants & make medicine 

  • Dreaming with plants


Weekly Q&A's
ask me questions!

My wish is to welcome you to be an integral part of this journey. You are invited to ask me questions on topics that are connected to the journey of life and resonant with the themes that we will be diving into. 


A growing community of
aspiring souls across the globe

Another wish I have is to grow this portal into a community platform where you will be invited to share your own inner explorations and meet aspirants around the globe whom seek to walk a path of truth and harmony by bringing their highest essence to life through their own unique creative channels. My heart sings for this to come true. We need each other and together we can make a huge positive impact in the world.

Premium Members are invited to join a Forum Group where you can communicate and connect with each other during our adventure together. 

Eventually the community platform will expand and regular members will be able to join.


Exclusive offerings on upcoming events & retreats 

Be the first to know! 

I am devoting most of this year 2024 to create inspiring content, deepen my work with the plants and most importantly to expand within my musical creations. During this year I will have my first small medicine concerts and sound ceremonies, as well as one or two group medicine retreats. Members will be the first ones to know about my upcoming events and receive special invitations to join.

I will be updating, sharing and posting 1-3 times per week.

For PRemium Members

The Inner Garden

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opens up on the 9/3-2024

I am looking forward to have you joining us on this adventure!

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