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What is a Galactic Talisman?

The artworks that I create are intentional and intuitive. I work with energies of the eternal heart which are resonant within The Blue Rainbow Flame that are assisting us in this great cycle of planetary ascension and personal awakening. I have been working in this way since I started my creative journey more than 12 years ago and have refined the processes and my understanding of these spirit beings as I myself am evolving, healing and growing.


My creativity has been and still is one of my main mediums of healing and transformation, and I have discovered it to be a portal in which I am now (after several years of exploring) able to translate higher frequencies and cosmic energies of an evolutionary nature into physical form.


I work with mineral and plant spirits which are incorporated into each being and supports in the anchoring in of the cosmic energy's physical form and amplifies their whole complex and essence. 

I have been birthing these beings since 2017 and come to know them as embodiments of energies of the higher realms. They carry essences and codes that we can work with to unlock our inner potential and explore the many spheres of our creative expressions to further connect to our own individual Truth. Each being carries its own frequency that are weaved into its form through  intentions, songs and ceremony during the birthing process. They all have their own stories and medicine that they share with us through the adventures that they unlock in our hearts and the places that they reside within.


Personal Talisman


For Children

Projects & Business


For your home


The Personal Talismans

Totems that are intentionally birthed to support each individual in connecting to the heart's highest calling. They are "tuners" which work in our energy body to activate and assist in integration of different aspects of the Higher Heart Complex. This activation is a straight connection link to our individual Soul's Truth.

The Children's Talismans 

Beings that are intentionally weaved into form as their personal guardian and protector. Depending on the sensitivity of your child or if there are certain  aspects that need support, I will work with the crystals and energies that can assist your child's journey and strengthen the connection of the heart seed to the evolving body, mind & spirit.

The Talisman for Business & Projects 

These beings are sculptural free-standing talismans that comes through as a totem and vision-holder for your business, events or projects. You are invited to share about the ideas and visions that you are birthing into our world and I will create a being to support the expansion and growth of it. 

For your Home 

A spirit guardian and keeper of your most sacred nest. These totems can be made in many different sizes and placed in an area of your home to vitalize and be an anchor of grounding, expansive & creative energies. We will talk about your needs and I will call in a being from The Galactic Garden that is reaching out wanting to become the space-holder of your home.