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Blue Skies
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a talisman

Ah! That sweet moment of us coming together to create new life in this world!


Be it a project, an aspect of ourselves, a relationship or a dream that we want to strengthen and power up, filled with purpose and intention that invites the forces of growth to anchor in and nourish this new birth of everlasting value.


Let us rise into love while meeting, greeting and learning from all aspects of our creations and let's explore our true inner essence through this experience of life that we individually design. 

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Your personal
spirit helper

When a being from The Galactic Garden is born into our world The Portal of Intuitive Creativity opens up to be activated in Soul. Intuitive creativity is the universal gift we all were born with which allow us to explore, express and embrace our own unique Soul essence. That spark of spirit, which is eager to come through and express itself freely and lovingly in this world. It wants to show us all the mysteries that reside in our innermost being and it has the capacity to turn a life experience into a full blown adventure when we get to know it.

I bet you are ready to invite something new and exciting into your life if you are here reading this now. And I will be utterly delighted and honoured to be the bridge and channel for your own galactic being to be born into this world to support your personal growth or collective vision.



As these beings are personal totems I like to open up a space where you can share a bit about yourself or - if the talisman is intended for a business/project or your home - about your vision. Same goes for the Child's Talisman, please tell me about your child and we will connect further after initial contact has been made.


This can be a long or short writing including a photo. Feel free to share as much or little as you wish. This will set the foundation of the intentions that I will be working with when giving birth to your being, so be sure to include what your specific intentions are.


Here are a few suggestions of questions that you may want to think about:

  • Do I know where I want to go in life? Or am I searching for my purpose?

  • Do I know what my personal gifts are? Or am I looking to explore these aspects of myself?

  • Am I healing or wanting to heal any specific patterns, wounds, or imbalances in my life ? (physical, emotional, mental)

  • What do I want to invite more of in my life?

  • Do I have any specific dreams of accomplishments?

  • What do I want this being to represent for me?


Any aspects that you feel called to share with me is warmly welcomed. 



NECKLACE: Adoption cost for a necklace is €550, excl. shipping which is approx €25 extra.

SCULPTURE: Starting at
€1000, excl. shipping. 
If you want to request a sculpture please let me know and we will form the size and price together.


UPDATE 2022-07: I am open for new commissions.



birthing time is approx 10 weeks at the moment.

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