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A New Time Begins

Updated: Mar 30

The Members Portal is officially open! WOHO!

I want to welcome You; my family all over the world; who is tuning into this online container and community space with us all this year. Thank you for popping in and for feeling called to being a part of a vision that I hope to expand with you throughout the time to come.

My intention for this opening is to gradually allow this space to grow into a place of inspiration, support and community for seekers and explorers of The Great Mystery of Life and The Inner Worlds of Soul.

If you are here; then you know deep within that there are universal truths, treasures and ancient wisdom hidden in the Mysteries of Nature and within your own Soul being – You are an adventure! A whole cosmos of unique essence is streaming through every pore and cell of your inner being; a world that can only be discovered, realized and expressed through You!

Your path is unique - your wounds & challenges are uniquely designed to lead you into your power and medicine. Your human form is unique - your voice is a meddler of your spirit, your dance is an expression of your passion. Your art is your Soul.

When we accept this truth as a fact in our life and allow it to be deeply integrated into our core; we open up to a new experience of life. The great mystery starts speaking to us through the hidden language of nature and the spirits of life, through our dreams and aspirations, through the portal of our creativity and the freedom of expression that we allow our self and others to embody.

And soon we will know that everything we received from the moment of conception as we entered into this world was meant to lead us into a journey of self-discovery, ancestral healing, creative expression and ultimately soul integration – so that we once again can remember the truth of what it means to be an integrated Human being of The Earth. A guardian and caretaker of the Great Mother (Earth), inspired, led and fed by the Holy Father (Sun/Solar/Christ Consciousness).

Once we remember and start living this truth; by honouring the Spirits of Life and learning how to grow, create and evolve harmoniously with the seasons and lands where we live; we become portals for the New Earth to establish and the inner and outer ecosystems to heal. Thank you to all of you who choose to honour this path.

Now! We have just entered a new time, a new year, a new season. Wow. This is going to be such a big year for us all. Everyone who is signing up to become a student of nature and your own Soul being this year will receive support and teachings that will serve to elevate your experience of life this year to a whole new level.

During yesterday’s equinox ceremony I was reminded of the amazing journey I have done this last year and how much I have grown. The infinite support, healing and inspiration that is available to us all when we start connecting with and cultivating a personal relationship with nature goes beyond anything we are taught to be possible. It is all there, in nature, embodied in the mineral, plant, animal and elemental kingdoms. If we want to understand our own true nature we must deepen our relationship with and study that which gives us life. We must deepen our relationship with our own Soul and let it express itself through our creative channels. Let it speak to us through our expression, ideas and aspirations.

Spirit lives in everything and the many life forms that are a part of the ecosystems where we live can teach us how to heal what is imbalanced and wounded - and awaken our inner world to a life of magic which will spark your creative fire into a new born phoenix!

I planted my first seeds of the year on my altar and called in the support and teachers that are in the highest alignment with my soul's evolution to enter my field. Feeling the presence and essence of a few new plant beings and teachers that I will journey with and learn from this year – as well as my higher guides and many beautiful human souls that I look forward to connect and co-create with this year. My heart is filled with gratitude and I cannot wait to dive deep into the mysteries with you through this new adventure that we are now embarking on together! Let's go big, bold and brave and transform our inner being as we give life to it in new and honest ways this year!




Hi everyone! Not sure if I am posting in the right area for a self introduction but my name is Hannah Lawler, I'm currently living on the coast of North Carolina. I moved here from the suburbs of beautiful Bucks County Pennsylvania and I am looking for new spots, new connections to nature, and knowledge about how to connect with Mother Earth and her gifts and plants and seeds and creatures and everything that comes with it! I have done some ceremonies and medicines, but have never dove into connecting with the plants in a way that Jennifer shares through her IG- which is where I found her and luckily came across her offering for us this year. I am…



Thank you, Jennifer, for creating this space and this journey! I am so excited to see it unfold 😍 everything so far has been very beautiful. Your website is absolutely gorgeous. All your offerings are very deep and thorough. And I have to say - not boring at allllll! The ceremony yesterday was beautiful, I’m so grateful for your guidance. Much love!



Hi dear Kristiana! Thank you so much for your kind words and for joining us on this journey 🌷 Your altar is beautiful and team snowdrop is singing in choir with us as we move into this new time together!

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