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& The Galactic Garden


When I started exploring my creativity in the year of 2012 a very special initiation took place and a gateway opened up inside me. A portal leading me straight into a world that I have been exploring since then. This world where my Soul is deeply rooted comes through my creativity and expression as a living energy in itself, a World Soul that spreads out into a multitude of beings, landscapes and frequencies of a higher cosmic nature. 

I call this world The Galactic Garden. It is my home, my truest essence, and a wild adventure land to explore the many dimensions of this existence through. The childlike energy that dance around this sphere connects us to our inner child and allow us to reconnect to this part of ourselves which when nurtured becomes a door-opener to our individual truth and soul imagination. 

By diving into the energies, beings, songs, and stories of the Galactic Garden that I share one can choose to welcome and integrate these codes which powerfully yet gradually awakens the higher heart complex. This may create openings for you to connect to your own inner world and higher aspects of being through your creativity and imagination.

My intentions through each channelled piece of art is to anchor the energies of unconditional love and divine soul expression into this world.  I work with balancing forces of light and aim to destigmatize the fear of darkness through inner transformational work that is embodied and shared through my creations.

We intend to bring back our full power and truth as we restore the inner template as Angelic Human beings through the activation of the Krystal Heart.



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