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We are all capable of  healing ourselves and coming into Inner Union when we devote ourselves to know and become our truth. This is the path we all agreed to have the opportunity to experience as we chose to incarnate on Earth during this great time of planetary ascension. As we free ourselves from the mind prison and the controlling forces negative agendas and start honoring our honest heart expression we can re-birth ourselves into full Cosmic Humans that live and create from the energy of Unconditional Love aligned to the individual Soul Essence which is what will help us, and, this world to heal. 

The higher heart naturally activates when we heal the 4th chakra astral heart which can be a long process of many years of healing and processing. The activations I transmit works to clear and recalibrate the energetic pathways so that the soul essence can stream through into the manifested form assisting in the healing process and connection to your individual truth. 

What is a Higher Heart activation?

The activations that I offer are sound frequencies transmitted by my plant and star teams. One of the core energies that I came into this incarnation to share and anchor into this world are the codes of Galactivation (which is what happens when the higher heart is activated). Through my creative channels I open up for the energy of the Mother Arc and the beings of the Galactic Garden that are apart of my Monad to sing, chant or speak through waves of different frequencies that works on the energetic layers to recalibrate, open up and clear the pathways within the Higher Heart. This will assist in heart healing and clearing of fear programs that are lodged in this energy centre so that the Soul Blueprint can come online and ones individual Truth start or further being integrated into the conscious mind and physical manifestation body.


  These codes are specifically channelled through for the individual that I am working with and will come with a set of clearing, recalibration, activation and establishing connection to the Forces of Divine Creativity within and Soul Imagination.

I work intuitively from heartbased intentions in divine connection with my personal team of plant spirits, the Cosmic Threefold Founder Flame and Aurora Rays. 

Why is it essential to activate The Higher Heart?

As we ascend on the path of awakening to our divine purpose and individual truth, it is of great importance to recalibrate and activate the higher heart centre. This is the ascended heart chakra which is the connection link that allow us to experience this life through and create from the energy of Unconditional Love and our unique Soul Expression.

Trauma, addictions, destructive habits, ancestral baggage, and a lack of trust in ones ability to discern what is true and best for you, blocks the higher heart to come online and prevents us from experiencing the true divine connection to our individual mission and purpose in this incarnation which can only be accessed BY YOU through YOUR HEART. This connection allow us to tap in to the support that we have available to us from our cosmic families and higher self councils.

When we live disconnected from our heart essence, higher purpose and inner core we most of the time manifest life experiences, relationships and events that keep us in the looping wheel of suffering, wounding and fear-based actions. 


This Certificate of Authenticity certifies that this Galactic Talisman, is a one of a kind, authentic, original artwork created by GWAIROCH. All copyright and reproduction rights are reserved by the Artist.


GALACTIC TALISMAN: _____________________________________________


MEDIUM: ___________________________________________________________________



ARTIST SIGNATURE: _____________________________________________________

DATE SIGNED: __________________________________________________

The connection that you will establish with your being will be unique to you and after some time together you will have developed your own ways of working and communicating.

As you intentionally open up your heart to explore the medicine of Your Truth the greater assistance you will receive on your journey of unfoldment.

Connecting with your

  • Wearing your being over your heart will allow its essence to connect with yours, this will activate your higher heart chakra gradually and gently so that more of  your soul blueprint can come online and be integrated. Please ask yourself how often and when you want to wear it in the beginning. Sometimes we have to let the energies of the being be integrated slowly as they hold a very high frequency and it can take time for the body to adjust to this.

  • Your talisman can be used as a dream guide by placing it next to you or under your pillow when going to bed, you can ask it to assist you with dream time healing, rebalancing of the emotional body, rejuvenation of the mental body and to enhance the messages that are being translated in the dream.

  • As a meditation amplifier it can be worked with to deepen meditations, relax the nervous system and open up communication links to our higher self councils.

  • As a creative life companion, wear it when going into the creative spheres and ask it to assist you by bringing through the wisdom of your soul. 

  • These galactic beings are all strengthening our connection to nature and are fantastic allies to elevate our personal relationship with plants and nature spirits.


The Seat Of The Soul

The Higher Heart Chakra is The Seat of The Soul and the 8th chakra in our body. It is through this energy centre that our soul enters into physical manifestation form. This is where our unique blueprint and soul template resides and the portal through which our Individual Truth comes into expression. It is located in the thymus gland just above the physical heart.

When the higher heart centre is activated and healed we connect to the higher aspects of Soul and the original blueprint comes online, which when integrated sets space for us to embody our organic architecture and Soul Codes as a Divine Cosmic Human.


As our soul extends and is reconnected to the human avatar and conscious mind awareness we rebirth ourselves into our original intended expression as a God Sovereign Free being which sets the foundation for us to create a life in connection with the divine truth in our hearts.

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