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NOVEMBER 18 | shamballa room, Copenhagen | 17:00 - 22:00



with Diane soa & Jennifer Gwairoch

Dear Family,

It is time for a seasonal journey and intimate ceremony to lead us into a deeper connection with our inner being and each other. As community and unity are keywords for the time ahead we are being called to create a unified field where we together journey to retrieve pieces of our higher soul essence that is ready to be integrated into the Heart Complex. 

We are inviting the seasonal Spirits of Autumn to support us as we let go of the layers and aspects of our self/life that have served us up until now, but which is ripe and ready to transmute into nourishing soil for the seeds that will be planted in the coming time. 

This journey serves the intention to anchor in deeper layers of truth, courage and compassion into the individual and planetary heart, so that we with greater clarity and trust may continue to expand, explore and share our individual medicine with and in this world. 

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The ELements of Our JourNeY


Plant Meditation

To support in letting go of old structures/habits and strengthen your connection to the Earth Mother.

Mugwort is a gentle plant medicine yet powerful spirit that we will journey with to deepen our heart-to-soul connection, to enhance our intuitive channels and to loosen up any resistance we may have of letting go.

Mugwort is not a

psychoactive plant. 


Sound & EnerGy

We will be guiding a large part of the journey through healing and expansive sound frequencies & intuitive shamanic songs that work to:


  • Support the body to clear blocked inner pathways

  • Remove negative energies that prevent us from living attuned to the heart intelligence 

  • Enhances our intuition and higher senses

  • Can open us up to the wisdom of our soul where we receive messages and higher guidance

  • Rebalance the electro-magnetic field and auric body.

  • Repair and strengthen the connection links between the heart intelligence and soul layers



You will learn two techniques to connect to and build the inner central fire to distribute healing energies along the body's inner orbit. There will also be an introduction to working with the Six Healing Sounds to balance the emotional body and heal the five major organs.

These are all great tools to bring with you home and utilize every day or when needed to come back to your core and restore balance within.

Candle Burning Ritual


Everyone participating will receive a personal heart blessing from Jennifer & Diane

Diane works with womb/heart healing to set the space for purity of the inner sanctum and your inner child essence to safely anchor in.

Jennifer (Gwairoch) works with Mugwort and sound frequencies to envelop you in the safe embrace of mother earth, to open up for deeper layers of remembrance,  and to connect you to inspirational, wise and helpful nature spirits.

Oil Lamp Offering

COlleCtiVe PrayeR &

This is an opportunity for you to be apart of weaving a brighter future for this world.  When we pray & dream together we potentize the essence we want to birth for humanity and the planetary soul of the earth that we hold so dearly in our hearts.

At the end of our ceremony we will together focus on and feel the essence that we wish to bring life to and let it be expressed through our body. (Yes this an invitation for you to be creative!) 



Oh, how lovely and important it is to be surrounded by a group of sweet beings who want to grow, heal, learn and explore the great mystery of life together! 

When we come together like this we all become a part of the medicine that is taking place and what one person may go through can open up for healing and lessons for another. Know that your presence is deeply cherished and valued! 

We will finalize this journey by enjoying a heart-warming meal together that will make our bellies happy and ready for a good nights restfull sleep.


How To PRepaRE

It can be fruitful to contemplate your personal journey of the year so far, before you arrive. This will allow you to tune into what your inner being wish to alchemize and make space for during the ceremony.


Is there anything specific that you wish to let go of?  What (if anything) is preventing you from moving forward in your life and doing what you dream of right now? Are you ready to let go of that? Do you need to forgive someone or something to do so? Is there a specific lesson that keeps repeating itself in your life?


Perhaps you have accomplished something great or moved through a difficult time that would appreciate to be honoured? Autumn is also a time of harvest so to acknowledge our life's journey is meaningful both to the soul and the ones who have been teaching us thus far. It makes space for deeper gratitude, connection and insights to anchor in to our lives. What are you grateful for? 

Be aware of your dreams and how you feel during the days leading up to the ceremony as there may be a theme arising in your life that wants your attention. This can be clues to what would be good to bring with you to the ceremony. 

This journey is for individuals who are on a journey of self-discovery, healing and whom understand that You are your ultimate healer and God/Christ is within your heart.

When we take responsibility and authority over our life's journey we know that all experiences serve to teach us and can ultimately be keys to deeper self/soul-knowing. We will go deep in this ceremony and it is important to be aware that when old negative patterns or fear programs leave our body it can be experienced as negative/heavy emotions or a confused mind. It is possible that you may feel this during or after the ceremony if density is leaving your body, however it will move through you quicker if you allow it to let go and afterwards you will feel centred, connected and in touch with a deeper layer of your soul. The days/weeks after the ceremony is a time where listening to the body is really important. Trust and honour the path you are here to walk and give yourself the space you need to integrate gently or creatively.

We will tickle your inner being, embrace it with pure love and hold you through this journey in deep reverence and honour for the truth that lives in you.

Who Is This FoR?



Shamballa Room

Ny Østergade 7
1101 København

From Sweden: There are direct Öresunds trains running from Gothenburg, Malmö, Karlskrona etc. that will take you to Copenhagen Nørreport Station Station. From there you will walk 13 minutes to our location

From Germany: Busses to Copenhagen from Hamburg are around €60 round trip. Click here to view options

Flying in for the weekend? Go to Copenhagen Airport and take the train from there to Copenhagen Nørreport Station Station. From there you will walk 13 minutes to our location



November 18 @ Shamballa Room, Copenhagen

17:00 - 22:00

Please fill in the form below and we will email you a direct payment link.

Feel free to email us regarding any questions you may have

We reserve this journey for 12 persons as we wish to keep it intimate.


Investment: 950 DKK 


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