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The wisdom of the Rainbow Sage

When new lands are born in THE GALACTIC GARDEN, The Rainbow Sage enters the stage.


MILMOON AKKAI is a being and a bridge between the old and the new – the past and the present – an architect of the future.

Milmoon is a bringer of hope and promise that after the storm comes a time of great radiance and light - A guide for initiates and healers that are builders of a New World and storytellers of the Ancient Ways. These are souls who have passed through or are passing through, the sacred fire of initiation to retrieve the wisdom that is recorded within their Soul for the evolution of a world. 

When the inner landscape has been shaped and moulded by sacred storms and holy rivers we see that these intense and challenging conditions only arose to make space for something new to be born. A surrendering to the Great Spirit and Divine Plan took place. The time that passed seemed darkened as the skies were grey and the mood started to fade away. Yet the storms and sacred rivers only move through the bodies of lands that are meant to lead us into the new. They become the lands that cultivate new life forms and inspire the growth of inventions and ways of living that leads to expansion beyond the land itself. Within them resides an impulse of the purest selfless love, courage, hope and trust, and they aspire to realize themselves as the beacon of light and inspiration that they are in their truest essence core - and through that: be of service to the evolution of The Mother Planet and the unified field.

Milmoon knows that it is not an easy task to pass through this passage, but he also knows that it has the potential to generate important medicine for the world as a whole. Your medicine has the potential to birth something completely new into our world. When you heal yourself, by honouring the design and language of your soul and the way spirit wants to move and express through you - you can choose to be a portal for the divine to stream through and into everything that you aspire to create in your life and share with the world. When you recognize your great passage as the birth of a New you, an entry point for your Soul is created which will speak and teach through your musings, stories and visions. It is all within your heart. Your beautiful light.

Dear Anne, Milmoon Akkai has come into your life to embrace you on your path - to support and inspire your soul to bloom. As you are the landscape - a seed of new potential and growth for our world. We honour your bravery and choice to move through the storm, as we know it takes a strong soul to do so. And we see the great medicine that lives within you and Milmoon will always be there as a gentle reminder of the Wisdom of the Rainbow Sage that is available to and in you.


Being in your meditative space - you are now invited to speak your intentions from your heart - ask for guidance or support on a specific matter. Pray for your soul to show you what you need right now. Ask to receive healing, upgrades or make corrections within your own energy body to support your health and healing. Call in your personal guides, angels and gatekeepers to assist you as well. When you do this, you can program Milmoon to hold your intentions and amplify them for you throughout a week, a month or a day - you choose how long.


Be clear with what you ask for and be open to receive. The messages may be subtle in the beginning but this is only so that you will be extra attentive to hear the language of your soul. It may speak to you through the trees or the storms. Through symbols in nature or through ideas and inspiring visions. It will definitely speak to you in your dreams. 


Take notes and allow your time of communion and connection to be a space of sacred connection with your soul. Create an altar if you wish, and fill it with items and symbols that represent what you want to learn about in your life right now. This can  be a place for Milmoon to live when you are not wearing him/her (You choose if you wan to see the essence as holding a specific energy - this can change depending on your own internal needs)

Eventually you discover your own ways of working with Milmoon. A part of the mystery is to allow you to find your unique soul self within your connection - and that means that you will be invited to explore it through the songs of your heart.

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